HB Shady Shallows (SS)

Named after a good friend who loves his shallow fishing and designed to withstand anything that fishing shallow for carp can throw at them. These little gems are a mere 7 centimetres long and built on a super strong 1.5mm stem which also adds weight to the base of the float to reduce tangles. The stem passes through the Tech1 foam body and is secured inside the tough hollow plastic Hi Viz tip. The float is finished off by the addition of either a standard or Finesse type stainless steel spring eye to match the diameter of the chosen tip. These floats are at their best in depths of up to two and a half feet and best used by having any weight not needed to sink the bait directly under the float. The choice of tip diameters enables the use of a wide range of baits and the heavy stem produces a fish attracting splash when the rig is "flipped" on to the surface. This float also doubles up as a margin float for very shallow swims. Available in one size only with a choice of 2 or 2.5mm dia tips in red, yellow, green or black.

HB Top Tip

These floats perform best when used with baits that do not come off the hook easily such as maggot, worm heads, meat and banded hard pellets. Using these baits lets you take full advantage of slapping your rig repeatedly to attract fish without fear of having to continually re bait.

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Our price: £2.20 (2.86)