HB Diddly Squatts.

A good all round sensitive design for fishing the canals with light tackle and small baits such as bread punch, pinkie, and bloodworm plus as the name suggests squatts. However this float has built in strength due to the 0.6 diameter carbon stem which passes through the floats classic rugby ball shape body and enters the tough 27mm long 1mm diameter hollow HI Viz plastic bristle. These features coupled with the stainless steel side eye which is fitted and securely glued 12mm deep into the Tech1 foam body make this a versatile float more than capable of other tasks such as fishing expander pellet or maggot for winter F1’s on the commercials. Best used with a spread shotting pattern with the shot getting progressively smaller towards the hook. Available in five sizes 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5 with red, yellow, green or black tips.





HB Top Tip

When using these I always put two float rubbers on the stem and a no8 or no10 shot right beneath the floats stem to help it set faster.

Tip Colour
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