HB Diamond

Produced in response to customer demand for a Diamond body shaped bottom float this tough new design is sure to find favour with many anglers. The body is made from the super strong Tech3 foam and the float is built on a long 1mm diameter flexible glass stem which adds to stability and aids shipping out without tangles when fishing "long". The float is fitted with a 2mm diameter hollow Hi Viz tip to make the best use of available light and is finished off with an extra strong stainless steel side eye securely fitted and glued 15mm deep into the floats body. There is also the option of an extra side eye which can be fitted at no extra cost to the corner of the body if required. The Diamonds are available in six sizes - 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1g and 1.5g with a choice of red, yellow, green or black tips. Priced at £2-20p each.





HB Top Tip.

Smaller sizes can be fished with a spread bulk and droppers with the larger sizes best suited to a bulk or olivette and droppers.


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Extra Side Eye
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