HB Blimp XS

This is the heavy duty version of the Blimp. Based on the famous "Chimp" style and shape but with the Hillbilly design and build treatment added for extra strength. The BlimpXS is an all round pattern which can be used with a variety of baits when strength and durability are of prime importance. It is built on a 0.7 diameter flexible glass stem which passes through the tough Tech4 foam body which gives the maximum strength for this type of float. The BlimpXS is fitted with 1.7 diameter hollow Hi-Viz tips and an extra strong stainless steel side eye glued deep inside its body. It is capable of fishing almost any bait and is available in seven sizes with either red, yellow, green or black tips.





HB Top Tip.

Use the smaller sizes with  bulk or spread bulk + droppers and the larger ones with an Olivette + droppers.



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