HB AK Mini Margin

These floats have been designed with much input from top matchman and angling coach Andy Kinder (of Barnsley Blacks fame) who wanted a very strong margin float with a long tip to allow distinction between line bites and real bites when fishing the very shallow margin pegs on venues like Larford Match Lake with big baits such as worms and paste. They have been added to the Hillbilly range to compliment the popular AK47 using the same bullet proof Tech3 foam and a 1mm flexible glass stem which passes right through the body and is securely glued into the first 8mm of a 30mm long x 1.5 dia Hi Viz hollow tip which is fitted with a very strong stainless steel spring eye. This float is available in two sizes with red, yellow, green or black tips.





HB Top Tip

Best used with a simple bulk of shot and with most if not all of the tip showing. Big carp are not fussy and you want to know that when the float goes it is a real bite and not a liner in order to avoid bumping or foul hooking fish which could spook other fish in the swim.

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