HB Shallow Paste

Shallow paste fishing can be a deadly method for carp in summer and often sorts out the larger specimens. When fishing paste shallow the float tends to end up in the landing net with the fish jumping all over it and needs to be very strong. With this in mind I have made the new SP’s from super tough Tech3 foam coupled with a strong 0.9 diameter glass stem which passes right through the body. These features make these floats almost indestructible. Available in two sizes - SP1 and SP2 and with the option of red or yellow fluorescent painted tips.





HB Top Tip

Fish these floats with a piece of float rubber top and bottom and feed VERY sloppy (like thick soup) crushed pellet to put a cloud in the water. If you cannot throw the slop far enough just add an extra pot to your top kit to put some in (I use a plastic spoon to tip the slop into the pot). Ship out, drop the slop into the swim from a couple of feet above the water to make a splash and lower the baited rig into the resulting cloud.

Tip Colour
Our price: £2.20 (2.86)