The Zinky (great grandad of Zeus) is a super strong line through margin float designed to take everything that fishing for large bags of big carp using lines to 0.25 diameter and very strong elastics can throw at it. The high pressure rated Tech4 foam used for the floats oval shaped body offers amazing buoyancy for such a tough material. The bore of each body is lined with a specially manufactured lightweight yet strong plastic tube to prevent line damage whilst retaining the maximum possible buoyancy for its size. The flexible 0.9 diameter glass stem runs right through to the top end of the 2mm diameter Hi Viz tip which makes the Zinky almost unbreakable in even the most extreme fishing situations. The base end of the hollow tip is cut on an angle to prevent the line being damaged where it exits the body and the body being pushed away from the tip when the line is under the tension created by a hooked fish. Available in three sizes 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 with a choice of red or yellow tips.

Setting up your Zinky.

First thread the body onto the rig line so that the HB logo is at the base of the float. Then insert the stem from the top and fit the supplied piece of rubber to the stem. Next slide up the rubber to hold the body in place under the tip, DO NOT THREAD THE RIG LINE THROUGH THIS RUBBER or it will grip the line and try to bend the float stem when the line returns to normal having been stretched by a hooked fish. Then add two more pieces of float rubber to the line and fit them to the bottom portion of the stem. Check that the line exits the top of the float body via the cut out area on the floats tip as this will avoid line damage and stop the body being pushed away from the tip when the line is under tension.

HB Top Tip.

Best used with a simple bulk shotting pattern with plenty of tip showing when fishing big baits. This allows easier distinction between proper bites and line bites. Can also be fished "dotted down if required.



Tip Colour
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