HB Ratcatcher3

HB Ratcatcher3

This is the long awaited addition to the very popular Ratcatcher family and is based on the quick setting shape of the RC2 but with a slightly larger body and a thicker 2.5 diameter x 18mm long hollow hi-viz tip for extra buoyancy and visibility. The Ratcatcher3 is made from the consistent density Tech1 foam and is built around a 1mm diameter flexible glass stem. The float takes around 4xno10 stotz or shot and is fitted as standard with a strong stainless steel spring eye. As this float is only 83mm long it is ideal for fishing larger baits such as corn, meat and banded pellets in those shallow far or near bank swims and can even be used for fishing up in the water. Supplied with red, yellow, green or black tips.






Fish with a spread bulk starting around 6" from the hook and use the weight of the bait as the last dropper for fishing up in the water. For fishing far or near bank swims shot as required before adding the bait which will sink the float. When you have placed the rig in the swim inch it carefully  up the slope until the tip just shows and you will see even the tiniest of bites.


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