HB Billy Bobs

This design is one of my own favourites. The Billy-Bob is my “does it all” float for commercial canal fishing. It is built on a 0.9 diameter flexible fibreglass stem which gives the float a very strong foundation plus built in stability. This stem passes right through the Tech1 foam double tapered body and enters the 27mm long 1.5mm diameter HI Viz hollow plastic tip. The float is fitted with either a standard side eye securely glued 12mm deep into the body or a choice of a standard or Finesse type stainless steel spring eye fixed to the base of  the tip. The tough1.5mm diameter tip of this float makes it suitable for a whole range of baits and shotting styles but I use it with a spread bulk and droppers for light baits and just a spread bulk with heavier baits such as corn the weight of which can be used to settle the float to the tip. Available in five sizes 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5 with red, yellow, green or black tips.

HB Top Tips

I tend to use the spring eyed version in the summer or where larger carp are present and the side eye model in the colder months or when silver fish are a factor as it aids reading the dropper shots slightly.

When used with small baits keep lifting and dropping the rig by the distance between the spread bulk and hook to attract bites. If using a heavy bait like corn on a sloping lake bed let the weight of the corn sink the float then ease the rig up the slope until just the tip of the bristle is showing.

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