HB Ratcatcher2

Have you ever wished that someone made a strong little float for fishing “up the rat holes” on the commercial Snake Lakes but which would double up as a float for fishing smaller baits up in the water ? Well let me introduce you to the Hillbilly Ratcatcher2. I would back this float against anything else on the market for these tasks as I spent a lot of time coming up with what I think is the perfect solution. This float takes approx 4 x no11 stotz and is around 73mm in length. The 1mm glass stem passes right through the Tech1 foam body to support the 1.7mm diameter x 16mm long hollow Hi Viz tip. A choice of two types of stainless steel spring eye fitted to the base of the tip completes this super tough little float which is available with a choice of red, yellow, green or black tips.


HB Top Tip

Excellent for "bottom" fishing in shallow far or nearbank swims but equally at home fishing smaller baits up in the water. Constant lifting and dropping of the bait will usually attract more bites than just leaving the rig still and waiting for a take.

Tip Colour
Eye Type
Our price: £2.20 (2.86)