HB F1 Guzzunders

A super sensitive float aimed at F1 fishing with small soft pellets or maggot on the commercial Snake Lakes but equally at home fishing punch and squatts on your local canal. This float is the “pellet pencil” principle taken a stage further in terms of sensitivity and response by adding a necked down portion beneath the tip. The float is built on a 0.6 diameter flexible glass stem which passes right through the Tech1 foam body for added strength and supports the 1mm diameter x 20mm long Hi Viz hollow tip. A stainless steel side eye is securely glued 12mm deep into the body at the corner of the floats “neck” to allow the effect of the rigs dropper shot to be seen when lifting and dropping the bait for F1’s. Best fished with a spread bulk and a couple of tiny dropper shot and available in three sizes of approximately 4, 5, and 6 x no10 stotz and with a choice of red, yellow, green or black tips.





HB Top Tip

When shotting the rig have a spread bulk that sinks the float to just above the shoulder as this will submerge the line from float to pole and allow the dropper shots to register on the neck and tip better. For F1's feed three or four maggots or a few micros then lift and drop the rig a few times before lifting the rig right out of the water and laying it in again. Repeat the lifting and dropping sequence before shipping back to re fill the pole pot and doing the whole thing over again. F1's tend to watch a sinking bait then take it as it hits the bottom.

Tip Colour
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