HB Chump

Good quality wire stemmed floats are hard to come by but the Chump is as tough as a very sensitive wire stemmed model can get. It is built on a 0.6 diameter stainless steel stem solidly glued into its Tech1 foam body. The floats body has a necked down portion just above the point where the stainless steel side eye is glued 12mm deep into the float. This is so that the bulk or spread bulk shot on the rig can break any surface tension on the line and side eye. This allows the dropper shot to register freely on the floats 27mm long 1.2 diameter Hi Viz hollow tip. This model has a multitude of uses being suitable for catching silver fish and really coming into its own when used for catching small to medium sized carp and F1’s in the warmer months and just about anything in the winter time. It can be fished with bulk or a spread bulk shot pattern plus droppers. It is available in 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5 gram sizes with red, yellow, green or black tips.





HB Top Tips

Use three small pieces of float tubing on the wire stem with the last one at least an inch below the body. This will help prevent the stem from becoming bent.

Keep you bait moving by lifting and dropping it or gently dragging the rig from side to side of the swim. It's amazing how this can induce a bite from a seemingly dead swim.

Tip Colour
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