HB Thick Chump

This is the “big brother” of the standard Chump. It is built on a slightly stronger 0.7 diameter stainless steel stem solidly glued into its Tech1 foam body which gives it extra stability. The floats body has the same necked down portion as the standard Chump just above the point where the stainless steel side eye is securely glued 12mm deep into the float to. This feature allows the dropper shot to register freely on the floats 30mm long 2mm diameter Hi Viz hollow tip. This pattern is best used with heavier baits such as meat, corn and pellet and can be fished with a bulk or a spread bulk shot pattern plus droppers in the smaller sizes and an olivette plus droppers in the larger sizes. It is available in 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 and 1 gram sizes with red, yellow, green or black tips.

Due to customer demand I have now added the option of a 1.2 diameter tip on this pattern which allows it to be used for smaller baits in bad conditions or deeper water.





HB Top Tip

Use three small pieces of float tubing on the wire stem with the last one at least an inch below the body to help stop the stem becoming bent.

Tip Colour
Tip Diameter
Our price: £2.20 (2.86)