HB Frosties

They’re Gr-r-reat, well that’s the feedback I have received from the three top anglers who field tested this pattern last winter. This new addition for 2012 has a body shape similar to the famous “Chianti” style but is built on a 0.5 diameter stainless steel wire stem which passes right through the Tech1 closed cell foam body preventing the stem from pulling out which is a common failing in many wire stemmed patterns. These little gems are fitted with a 1.2 diameter Hi Viz hollow tip plus a 12mm long stainless steel side eye glued deep into the body. They were designed primarily for mixed species Snake Lake fishing with baits such as small expander pellets, maggots and casters but can of course be used on lakes for fishing the same baits and have even been used for Bloodworm and Joker fishing. When testing the prototypes of this float last winter I even used them on my local canal for bread punch fishing and they did everything asked of them. Frosties are available in five sizes – 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4 with either red, yellow, green or black tips.





HB Top Tip

Best used with a spread bulk and two droppers. It is usually best to keep the hook bait moving by lifting and dropping it or laying the rig into the swim every couple of minutes. This will induce bites which a “dead” bait just will not get especially during the colder months.

Tip Colour
Our price: £2.20 (2.86)