HB Sydneys

Originally developed for the big deep open waters encountered on the Australian “coarse” match scene this float played a large part in the taking of new Australian match record of 350lb plus taken by ex pat Dara Finnigan. Crafted from Tech2 foam using a strong 1.2mm diameter glass stem and 2.5mm diameter x 50mm long hollow Hi Viz tip. This float will “boss” almost any conditions on any big water. This pattern is supplied fitted with either a standard or Finesse type stainless steel spring eye on the tip and an extra side eye on the corner of the body for extra strength. Made to take an ollivette + droppers and available in six sizes – 1g+, 1.5g+, 2.0g+, 2.5g+, 3g+ and 4g+ and with a choice of red, yellow, green or black tips.

HB TopTip

Use these on very deep water or in really bad conditions. Use no8 shot or stotz as droppers and don't be afraid to lay line and shot on the bottom plus use a large backshot to combat undertow and keep your bait still.


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