HB Pikey Paste

Designed with the help of and named after top southern paste angler Dave (Pikey) Pearson this is the float to use for fishing paste in those 18 inches to 3 feet deep margin swims. Dave wanted a strong stable float of reasonable length that did not have a wire stem as they are easily bent by large carp thrashing about in the landing net. After trying out lots of ideas I came up with the current Pikey model which Dave and I consider spot on for the job. The float is built on a 1mm glass stem for strength and flexibility and is fitted with a dumpy egg shaped body made from very strong Tech3 foam. A 1.7 diameter x 45mm long Hi Viz hollow tip is fitted and supported for the first 20mm by the floats stem which passes right through the body. A choice of two types of stainless steel spring eye fitted to the base of the tip is provided and this pattern can also be supplied without an eye for those that prefer to use an extra float rubber instead. This very durable float is available in one size only (approx 4 x no8 stotz) with an overall length of about 150mm and with a choice of red, yellow, green or black tip.


HB Top Tip

I find the best way to use this float is to put one no8 at the base of the float with the rest going on as a bulk at mid depth. Most lakes have sloping margins and carp tend to be fussy about the depth they want to feed in. They like to suck feed off the slope without having to upend themselves to do so. To take full advantage of this set a couple of Pikey rigs at different depths so that two areas of the slope can be explored. Drop the baited rig in the swim so that the paste pulls the float under then carefully ease the rig up the slope until about half the tip of the float is showing.

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